Shaad Collection

The ethereal moments in time when a song is born in your heart, Shaad is an ode to such fleeting moments of mirth timeless gaiety that never fade in our memories.

Fashioned from the sustainable, earth-friendly Hemp and Linen fabrics, Shaad is a vivid array of pearly whites, solid greys, scintillating hues and beautiful designs. Continuing the eco-friendly legacy of Paashh, every design of Shaad is an iconic tribute to the philosophy of ‘Less is More.’

The novelty of this collection lies in its intricate designs that ooze soft, minimalistic beauty.

The innocent laughter of a child, the brushing of a sudden breeze against your face, a moment of warm sunlight caressing your face on a winter day, a serendipitous smile from a stranger - Shaad is the reclaiming of every moment of revelry that brings joy to our hearts long after it has passed.