The food at Paashh is the very essence of organic deliciousness, visual aestheticism and creativity. We source all natural, organic produce from local farmers and create healthy, distinctive and flavourful cuisine that not only nourishes your body but satiates your taste buds. Every culinary creation at Paashh is a labour of love crafted to honour nature, nurture the soul and foster sustainability.

Seasons: Every season is an ever-changing constant, a simple paradox that we at Paashh have drawn inspiration from. Our menu is curated anew every season honouring the cycles of nature.

Sustainable: Paashh partakes in the slow food movement that promotes the use of fresh, local produce which is naturally available in abundance for a healthy, hearty and nutritive living.

Sensory: From the aroma of the cuisine to the music that envelopes the serene ambience, every element at Paashh is curated to stimulate ‘pysho-taste’ - designed to evoke soothing memories, ideas and emotions.

Style: Paashh is inspired and empowered by Nature and we believe that there is no greater style than freedom. Our approach amalgamates old techniques with the new, making way for our rich culinary heritage to mingle with avant-garde creativity.