“You are what you surround yourself with.”


Fitness fanatic and marathon enthusiast, Mrs. Vaishali Karad, the founder & principal design of Paashh is the embodiment of this adage.


A nature lover who grew up amidst lush greenery, Vaishali was beset bya host of health issues a few years ago and she took itupon herself to take charge of her life and health withpositivity and grace.


As she began exploring various ways of staying fit , Vaishali reconnected with her love for the Mother Nature. Understanding that one is only as healthy as theirenvironment, she began understanding more aboutsustainable practices and the dire need for ethical practices as part of one’s daily lifestyle.

Aware of very limited offerings in this domain, Vaishali set to create a unique multi-concept store dedicatedto promoting sustainable living.


Paashhtoday offerspatrons offerings in fashion, home decor and organic

food that promise sustainability without compromise to luxury.


Through Paashh, Vaishali hopes to spread message of sustainable living, a pressing need for the hour, and ashift that can be made today without trading off thegood things in life.


With an aim to make sustainability a part of everyday

life, Paashh endeavors to connect people with the planet, enhance lifestyle and well-being andencourage everyone to make eco-friendly choices witha positive impact.

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