Beat the heat with 5 unique refreshing drinks at Café Paashh!

Summer is here & staying hydrated this season is a must.It's the season of juices, mocktails ,sherbets and coolers! A refreshing drink can help you rejuvenate as the temperatures in the city keep soaring.Kick off all the unhealthy packaged and aerated drinks as there are many healthy and tasty beverages that you can include in your diet and quench your thirst this season!

Here’s a list of top 5 unique summer beverages at Café Paashh that will help you celebrate the season :

1)Sandalwood & watermelon cooler

One of the best summer fruits is watermelon and its even better when combined with fragrant sandalwood.This thirst quenching drink is exotic,filled with health benefits & deliciously perfect to rejuvenate you!

2)Banana Thandai

Perfect for the soaring temperatures, a glass of chilled Thandai is sure to keep you energized.Add in the sweetness of fresh Bananas to give the traditional drink an offbeat yet delicious flavour.

3)Spearmint Shikanji

One of the most favourite Summer drinks of India, Shikanji should be your go-to beverage for all hot days.Loved widely due to its tangy, sweet & refreshing flavor this drink can be made in less than 2 minutes at home!Add in some mint leaves ,chia seeds & wild honey & you’re all set to keep cool even during the sunniest day.

4)Moroccan Mint tea

This zero calorie beverage is every tea-lovers dream come true!It can be consumed hot or iced and besides its refreshing taste,it aids digestion,relieves heartburn & keeps the body cool.

5)Sattu Sherbet

Add a dash of desi-ness to your summer with this drink!A speciality from Bihar, Sattu is cooling as well as filling.Add a pinch of cumin seeds & sea salt & your healthy refreshing drink is all set!

So go ahead & indulge in these unique, healthy & refreshing drinks !

Café Paashh is an organic café located in Kalyani nagar, Pune. We are open all 7 days in a week serving from 9:00am to 10:00pm.