In conversation with the city’s most loved fashion & lifestyle blogger - Kautuka Shah Gandhi

Simple, elegant and an ardent believer of minimalism in fashion, Kautuka Shah Gandhi’s love for timeless pieces is what sets her apart. With more than a lakh followers of her blog-The Travelling Mascara, she rules Instagram with her penchant for all things classic and truly stylish.

Team Paashh spoke to her and here’s what she had to say about Sustainability, “When we think of Fashion deeply, the question we should ask ourselves is if we are driven by desire or need to go on a roller coaster ride of constant buying, using and throwing. It is frightening how much of our planet is impacted by the discard that our wardrobe generates. How much of it is actually degradable? Last but not the least, we need to consider if our actions have a positive impact on our local communities or not.”

At the sneak-peek of our launch collection, Kautuka was enthralled by the designs! In her words “Paashh’s creations are marked with a certain playfulness and mere simplicity. Comfortable yet stylish, the garments are a perfect combination of conventional fabrics with unconventional designs making the collection truly sophisticated. Perfect as work wear, they also double up as charming brunch and day outfits. I am happy that a brand from Pune that gives sustainable fashion the spotlight it deserves.”

Ask her about her favorite piece, and here’s what Kautuka replied “The light-beige midi dress with ruffle short sleeves and a tie-up belt is sure to win hearts; it is perfect for happy brunch outings.”

Style Tip from Kautuka
Pair the all-white long midi dress from Paashh with a colored and ornamental neck piece and you are all to make a style statement which epitomizes simplicity & sustainability!