Sustainable Fashion - The Art of Compassionate Clothing

Just a few years ago, Sustainable development was an abstract idea with thought leaders theorising how sustainability could be introduced in every aspect of human life. Fashion is a quintessential sphere of human life that consumes a considerable amount of natural and human resources for its sustenance. However, when you add sustainability to this equation, the game is flipped. Sustainable fashion is simply the production of garments, accessories and other fashion items in such a manner that no part of the process proves detrimental to the planet.

Today, we invite you to take a look at why choosing sustainable clothing is an act of compassion.

1. Sustainable fashion is cruelty-free.

No animals are harmed during the process! Sustainable clothing actively discourages disturbing the balance of the environment - flora and fauna included! Cruelty-free fashion means neither are animals harmed in the making process or testing nor are any animal parts used for the development of the product in any way. We at Paashh believe in using sustainable raw materials that are fashioned from waste and plants such as Bamboo, Orange, Rose, Eucalyptus, Hemp and Kapas Khadi. If you visit us at the right time, you’ll even encounter a beautiful cat that visits us from time to time. Paashh loves animals and they love us right back!